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Hey everyone.
This isn’t a common blog post. Right now, I’m working on my concluding blog post on The Inconvenient Indian, which has taken the majority of my time and effort. I can’t give an ETA, but if I had to guess, probably mid next week. No promises. Just to make sure you catch it, you can:

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But I didn’t write this to promote. I’m writing this as a public invitation.

You see, I need your help.

In a couple days, I will be in NYC, and I’m excited. My one problem is that I have no clue what I’m gonna do while I’m there. So I’m going to do what any reasonable person would do in my predicament: turn to random strangers on the internet for advice. 

I’m only half kidding. But I know that NYC is a pretty popular travel destination, so if you or someone you know has gone to NYC, and know a place that’s a lot of fun, leave a comment and I’ll see if I can get to go there at some point during my trip.

Thanks in advance.

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15 thoughts on “New York”

  1. Random walking works well too. Find a deli where the sandwiches are named after movie stars. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and find wood fired pizza. Feed some catfish in Central Park. Natural History museum. Ride the subways, and learn how to look at everybody without anyone seeing (it’s what they all do). Random walks. Did I say random?


  2. Hi from Jessie, Akie and Marc. We were in NYC for a week this summer. You’ll be in Brooklyn, right? Go to PEACHES restaurant. Order the Shrimp and grits. And the brownie. Your mom will love the kale salad for sure too and you might as well. Tied for our best meal on our 6 week trip. You might also like the High Line – a cool walk on what used to be an above ground rail line. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Enjoy!


  3. Here are some suggestions from Michael Hathaway (you know Michael and Leslie, Logan and Walker who live in our neighbourhood?):

    The weather might be big factor on some of these things, but….

    Using the city bike share and exploring central park, as well as biking over bridge to Brooklyn (with a huge walking and biking lane). Brooklyn often has interesting neighbourhoods, like Hasidic Jewish or Caribbean areas.

    The Museum of Modern Art is always fun, and the tickets can last all day (sometimes there are films at night). The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

    Museum of Natural History is iconic, and often has new displays.

    Walking the High Line, an elevated railway to walkway is a surprising way to get around the city, offering a different vantage that you can’t get otherwise. Beautiful plantings of trees and flowers, and interesting art.

    There are some deals with cheap, last-minute theater tickets for Broadway shows. Some of these are pretty amazing.

    Times Square itself is a spectacle, especially late at night.

    Taking the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty, and taking some time to explore Ellis Island (which has a great visitors center).

    The 9/11 museum and tour.

    I went on one Tenement Tour and it was incredible—takes you inside the homes and personal stories of immigrants from Europe, an intimate history. They have a number of different tours and I’d like to do more.

    ​This place was a great place to people watch: ​Washington Square Park Park entrance is at Washington Square North and Fifth Avenue​ with lots of street performers

    I just looked up a few things and found these (haven’t been personally but looks interesting and I’d like to see):

    ​1) if cold out: ice skate at Rockefeller plaza ​

    Take a very short walk from Times Square to Madison Avenue and 56th Street to experience the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It is immensely popular, so you are advised to reserve your free admission tickets in advance. Sometimes same day tickets are available.

    The state-of-the-art, interactive, entertainment center begins with a hands-on experience of a wall of sensi-tile that creates intricate reflections in response to touch. Further on there is a fascinating word map displaying global internet traffic. It’s a real eye-opener for perpetual texters and downloaders. Teenagers can learn how the electronic devices they use every day actually work by engaging in an interactive 3D exploded view of a camera, cell phone or Sony PSP.

    Other enticing youth-oriented displays focus on nanotechnology, virtual surgery, robots, animation and – most popular of all – dance motion capture that reveals how film and video games achieve such high levels of realism and personality. Visitors are videoed dancing, and the images are manipulated and shown as animated shorts.


  4. Hi Harry,

    Can’t wait to see you and your mom! I love the high line but I just found out there’s a low line, too:

    Agree with other posts that the Staten Island Ferry is a great ride. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is another favorite… which is a good pre-Dim Sum activity, too. Tram to Roosevelt Island is another fun way to see unusual views of the city. On my list of things I haven’t gotten around to in over 40 years here but think would be cool is a walk over the George Washington Bridge, I hear they rent bikes you can take across, also.

    😉 Eva


  5. Hi Harry! Cindy here from Adanac St. Here are some suggestions from my friend Caroline who went to NYC recently. Also Kate says HI and Kate recommends the Statue of Liberty (Kate hasn’t been to NYC yet!). My friend Caroline sent this for me to share with you:

    I would recommend all the usual things Central Park, times sq, 911 memorial, MOMA, grand central station, the NYC main library,etc. and for sure the highline. And, I’m a fan of the hip on/off tours.

    I suspect everyone will suggest more or less the same BUT, here’s what they might not suggest:
    Gelato shaped as a rose (and the best gelato!!)

    I went here twice in 3 days it was so good

    And, the crack pie from here:


  6. I love High Line Park. There are little corners within, pieces of art, and vantage points to watch the street below.

    The Tenement Museum puts out own housing struggles in perspective:

    I’ve heard AMAZING things from multiple people about this immersive theatre project: (it’s the type of thing that you might have to be 21 to attend – booze? – so do check).


  7. Central Park – Bethesda Terrace & Fountain
    East Village & Lower East Side
    Staten Island Ferry (free)
    Times Square…locals hate it but it’s gotta be seen
    Grand Central Station
    Walk everywhere!!
    (Been to New York at least a dozen times…best place on earth)


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